Mobile Time Tracking.

In your office, at your clients place or on the road. Where ever you are, with WorkLog it’s easy to keep track of every minute you spend working. And not only that. Record additional information such as projects, expenses or hourly rates, using WorkLogs unique Custom Fields. You alone decide what you need. And the best part: despite all the flexibility it offers, WorkLog remains easy and intuitive to use at all times.

With or without iCloud,
your data is safe.

If you enable iCloud for WorkLog, your data will be automatically backed up and synced with all your devices. So if something happens, you don’t need to restore an entire iTunes backup. Just install WorkLog and let it fetch your data from the cloud.

If you don’t use iCloud you can still create a backup of your database manually and download it to your computer.

Location based
time tracking

With the integrated QR-Code Reader (in-app purchase) you can start your time tracker by simply scanning a QR-Code. You can create QR-Codes with our free QR-Tool and attach them wherever you want, e.g. on orders or on buildings where you and your employees conduct business.

Download the QR-Tool

Below you’ll find a list of the most important features in WorkLog. Please note that some features are offered as in-app purchases (QR-Reader, calendar export). If you like to try WorkLog before you buy it, you can download the free Lite version from the App Store.

WorkLog is available for the iPhone, iPhone 5 and the iPad and requires iOS version 5.1 or higher.


Still reconstructing your working hours at the end of the week? Not with WorkLog. Press start when you start and Stop when you stop working. As simple as it gets.

Custom Fields

Define your own custom fields to log additional information such as projects, activities, expenses... everything that is important for you. And nothing more.


Export your work time report to a file and process it in Excel and other programs. You can send exported reports by e-mail or download them directly from your iPhone/iPad.

Hourly Rates

Register your hourly rates and assign them to your entries. WorkLog will automatically calculate your revenue.


Need your time rounded to 15 minutes or to 1/10th of an hour? WorkLog offers a comprehensive set of rounding options to automatically adjust the lengths and start time of your entries.


Store repeating entries and settings as favorites and call them up with the touch of a button.

QR-Code Reader

Create your own QR-Codes and scan them with WorkLog to start and stop entries for specific clients or projects.


With iCloud your data is automatically backed up in the cloud and synced across all your devices (iPhones, iPads).


WorkLog 4.1

We just released WorkLog 4.1 with a whole bunch of new features such as default values for custom fields, automatic position based time tracking, target time and time balance tracking, support for breaks and Dropbox integration. Read all about the new features in our updated user guide.

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WorkLog QR Tool v1.1

We released version 1.1 of the QR tool. The new version fixes a bug that caused “Stop” codes to be generated incorrectly. You can download the new version after the fold or from the sidebar on the right.

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WorkLog 4 is here!

It’s been over a year since our last update but it was worth the wait. Our newest update is our biggest so far and it only costs you… absolutely nothing. Here are some of the new features:

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