Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find the settings for WorkLog?

As of version 4.1.2 the settings can now be found under “Modules”.

I noticed that I can download a backup and my reports through my browser by accessing http://192.168.XXX.XXX:8080. I’d prefer if WorkLog wouldn’t store my data on your server.

This is a common misconception. The address http://192.168.XXX.XXX:8080 is the address of your device. The website you see and the webs server are built directly into WorkLog. We never transfer any of your data over the web.

I accidentally bought WorkLog twice. Can I get a refund.

Sure. But since all transactions are handled by Apple you’d have to ask them. Just open the respective link in the confirmation email you got from iTunes when you bought the app.

I’d like to have a button for breaks. Why isn’t there one?

A button for breaks is against the usage concept of WorkLog and would have lots of side effects that are difficult to handle.
The idea is that you just stop the timer when you’re going on a break. When you restart, all the settings from before the break will be filled in automatically.

iCloud syncing has stopped working. Can You help me?

Probably not. The syncing itself is done by iOS and delays sometimes occur (sometimes days). If doesn’t recover by itself you can try the following: (Please make sure to create a backup of your database through WorkLogs web interface first!)

If syncing works on all but one of your devices:

  1. Open the settings for WorkLog on the device that doesn’t sync and turn off iCloud
  2. Go back to WorkLog and confirm the message you will see with ‘Ok’
  3. Re-enable iCloud
  4. Go back to WorkLog again and choose Use iCloud data. This will reinitialize the data on your device with the data from iCloud.

If syncing works on none of your devices:

  1. Open the settings for WorkLog and turn off iCloud
  2. Go back to WorkLog and transfer your data from iCloud to the device
  3. Re-enable iCloud
  4. Go back to WorkLog again and choose Use device data. This will overwrite the content in iCloud with the data you downloaded in step two. All your other devices should then download that data too.

If none of this helps you can try to reset the settings on your device under “Settings -> General -> Reset -> All Settings”. Note that you’ll have to reenter your WiFi password after this (among other things).
Also, always install the latest version of iOS. Apple is constantly improving iCloud.

I downloaded the Lite version and bought the upgrade but it still says WorkLog LT

If you upgrade the LT version it will be identical to the “normal” version. Unfortunately, there’s no way for us to change the name of the app after the upgrade.

Is there an Android version? Will there ever be one? What about a Mac version?

There’s no Android version and there won’t be one in the near future. At the moment the Android market is just too fragmented to be attractive for niche developers like us. A Mac version? We’ll probably make one. Can’t promise anything yet though.